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Lunch Menu

"All items without the (G) symbol can be made Gluten Free upon request."




Lemon Grass Soup**

Traditional Thai hot and sour soup with shrimp, onion, bell pepper, carrot, lemon grass, mushroom, fresh basil and lime juice....5.99


Coconut Soup 

Slices of chicken breast in coconut milk with galanga, lime leaves, mushrooms and lime juice....4.99


Veggie Delight Soup

Mixed vegetable soup in a clear veggies broth….3.99




Crispy Roll (G)

Pork, bean thread and julienne vegetable rolled in crispy wrapper, and served with sweet and sour sauce....4.99


Thai Dumpling (G)

Fried dumpling filled with ground pork, water chestnut and black mushroom and served with soy and sesame sauce....6.99



Chicken marinated in Thai spices and coconut milk, grilled to perfection, and served on skewers with peanut sauce and cucumber relish....7.99




House Salad

The best pick of fresh mixed vegetables and bean curd served with special house peanut dressing....5.99


Crying Tiger**

Grilled marinated beef, thinly sliced and tossed with toasted rice powder, onion, lime juice and loaded with hot chili pepper ....9.99



Fresh grated cabbage and carrot tossed with lime juice,  tomatoes, ground peanuts, chili and traditional seasoning ....6.99



Vegetarian Appetizers



Buddha's Dumpling (G)

Fried dumpling filled with healthful mixed vegetables, served with sesame soy sauce....6.99


Veggie Roll (G)

Filled with bean threads, julienne vegetables and black mushroom, served with sweet & sour sauce....3.99







Mussaman Curry*

Sautéed tender beef or chicken in a rich red curry and peanut sauce with coconut milk, onion and potatoes....10.99


Green Curry***

A choice of chicken or beef in green curry sauce with coconut milk, bamboo shoot and green beans....10.99


Pad Thai

A choice of shrimp or chicken stir-fried with thin rice noodles, bean curd, bean sprouts, egg and ground peanuts and traditional tamarind seasoning... Chicken 10.99 / Shrimp 12.99


Thai Eggplant*

Thai sweet eggplant sautéed until golden brown and braised with chicken, garlic, pepper and aromatic herbs....10.99


Evil Jungle Princess**

Boldly spiced chicken sautéed with vegetable medley and exotic spices and herbs....10.99


Drunken Noodle**

Stir-fried jumbo rice noodles with chicken, basil and spicy traditional seasonings....10.99


Thai Basil*

Choices of chicken or beef sautéed with pepper, garlic, onion and fresh Thai basil....10.99


Thai Ginger

Choices of chicken or beef sautéed with fresh ginger, onion, garlic, mushrooms and roasted peanuts....10.99


Grand Palace

Combination of chicken, beef and shrimp stir-fried with vegetable medley and bean thread....12.99


Thai Bamboo*

A choice of stir-fried chicken or beef with bamboo shoot, pepper and fresh basil....10.99


Pineapple Fried Rice

Fried rice with chicken, egg, mixed vegetables and pineapple ....10.99


Sweet & Sour

Sautéed slices of chicken or beef with cucumber, tomato, pineapple and mixed vegetable in delicate sweet & sour sauce....10.99


Panang Curry**

Choices of chicken or beef in a traditional Panang curry sauce ....10.99


Red Curry*

Choices of chicken or beef in a delicious red curry sauce...10.99


Vegetarian Entrées


Veggie Mussaman*

Combination of vegetables and bean curd rendered in our popular red curry peanut sauce with coconut milk and potatoes....9.99


Veggie Green Curry***

Combination of vegetables and bean curd in traditional green curry sauce and basil....9.99


Vegetarian Lover

ightly sautéed vegetable medley in a soy mushroom sauce ....9.99


Siam Noodle

Thin rice noodle with bean curd, bean sprouts, mixed vegetables and ground peanuts....9.99


Prices are subject to change.


House Specialties


Seafood Lover**

Stir-fried seafood combination of calamari, shrimp, scallop, mussels and fish with herbs and spices in a delicious spicy sauce....16.99


Basil Salmon**

Fillet of salmon with red curry sauce, flavored with fresh basil....16.99


Chu Chee Duck**

Crispy roasted semi-boneless duck, served in a special red curry sauce flavored with pineapple and basil....18.99




* Stimulating “kick” to lips and tongue.

** Tingling sensation lingers and spreads a hearty glow.

*** Raging fire represents the exotic flavors of Thailand.

Any item with (G) can not be made gluten free.

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