White Elephant Restaurant
White Elephant Restaurant

Gluten Free Dinner Menu



Lemon Grass Soup**

Traditional Thai hot and sour soup with shrimp, lemon grass, mushroom and lime juice….4.99


Coconut Soup

Coconut milk soup with galangal, lime leaves, mushroom and lime juice….Chicken….4.99 / Seafood….6.99


Mushroom Soup

Thai style fresh mushroom soup with herbs and Marsala wine….4.99





House Salad

The best pick of greens with special peanut dressing and topped with bean curd….6.99


Orchid Salad (order w/o croutons)

Mixed Greens tossed in Sherry Vinaigrette Dressing….6.99


Som Tum Salad

Freshly grated cabbage, carrot tossed with lime juice, garlic, tomatoes, ground peanuts, chili and traditional seasoning….6.99



Crying Tiger** (order w/o Crispy Shell)

Grilled marinated beef, thinly sliced and tossed with toasted rice powder, onion, lime juice and loaded with hot chili pepper….9.99


Golden Triangle

Fried bean curd until crispy golden brown served with with sweet and sour sauce topped with ground peanuts….6.99


Chicken Satay

Chicken marinated in Thai spices and coconut milk, grilled to perfection, served on skewers with peanut sauce and cucumber relish….7.99



Lamb Au Siam*

Marinated rack of lamb grilled to your satisfaction and flavored with honey mustard and
rosemary sauce....Market Price


Sweet Surrender

Fillet of salmon crusted with pecan and baked to perfection, served with mellow apricot brandy sauce....20.99


Tutti Fruity Duck

Roasted semi-boneless duck served with raspberry sauce and flavored with a little touch of spices and Chambord liqueur....20.99


Chu Chee Duck**

Crispy roasted half duck (Semi-Boneless) served with special creamy red sauce flavored with spices and pineapple….20.99


Fish of the Day*

Fried whole fish topped with a three-flavored sauce of red pepper, garlic, and tamarind combined in a perfect harmony....Market Price


Love and Passion*

Roasted juicy Cornish hen marinated in traditional seasoning with tender loving care, filled with Thai yellow rice and served with honey orange sauce flavored with Grand Marnier....18.99


Shrimp Ambrosia*

Grilled jumbo shrimp served with sweet mango sauce...20.99


Mussaman Curry*

Sautéed tender beef or chicken in a rich red curry and peanut sauce with coconut milk, onion and potatoes….13.99


Panang Curry**

Sautéed tender chicken or beef in a traditional delicious Panang curry sauce with coconut milk, broccoli, pepper and green beans...13.99


Green Curry***

A choice of chicken, beef or shrimp in green curry sauce with coconut milk, bamboo shoots and green beans.

Beef or chicken…13.99 / Shrimp…14.99

Prices are subject to change.

* Stimulating “kick” to lips and tongue.

** Tingling sensation lingers and spreads a hearty glow.

*** Raging fire represents the exotic flavors of Thailand.

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